Hi I’m Shovan, Welcome! One of my passions since I was a little girl  has always been making spaces beautiful! I recall always rearranging my parents home without them asking, or even allowing me at times… but the outcome always outweighed the thought of- ” Should I wait and ask them?”  Seeing their reactions always solidified my decision to just do it! That led to family and friends asking me to assist them, to eventually working for a design firm, realtors, and starting my own small freelance business; where I provide my services on the side, as I have a full time career working for the govt ( long story on the two opposite spectrums). My original background is in Interior Design/Décor, and will always be my first passion… well its tied with cooking ha ha ! I’ve had the opportunity to even utilize our 3 homes we have owned as a showcase for future clients. I tend to share bits and pieces on Instagram- @shovan_3   I thrive in knowing that conversations with clients, can lead to well planned out spaces that are brought to life by their style, inspirations and needs. I like to be viewed as an approachable resource to inspire and execute beautiful spaces for you, to showcase a well styled space worthy of a well shot photo for sharing ;), but above all, I want to leave you with a space that reflects you, and ideas that empower you to keep creating beauty around you!