So as a mom of 3, I see a lot of “ chaos” or like I refer to it- “ beautiful chaos”!  Often times I find myself repeating the same thing over and over to my 3 kids… I mean come on, that’s the story of a momma, Right?! I admit, I get uptight at times, when there is chaos everywhere! I. Mean. EVERYWHERE in the house! I like to give my all to my family,and my home is my happy place. I take immense pride in establishing a beautiful and comfy home for my family and I. So when it takes me hours…no days at a time straightening ish out, I expect them to have respect, and courtesy and keep the home in it’s pristine state, for at least 2 hours or more!! Ha ha, sometimes when we have company coming over, I’m legit that mom, that wants the house to look “ non lived in”! Yeah guys, my 15 yr old daughter has told me this before! I about passed out laughing one day when she showed me a video on social media, that she compared me too! It was this guy pretending to be the “ lady of the house” and going nuts cleanings and making sure all was in order in the house and the popular phrase from it, is – “make it look like no one lives here, that’s how clean I want it!”. So yeah… I’ll admit my desires are also my faults! Also they’re not completely obtainable desires when you have kids!

One day, recently I was going through a medical scare( something out family isn’t strangers too, given our oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes) , that left me with weeks of thinking of the “ what if’s” and life in general. It left me truly capturing every moment and analyzing it. Truly being immersed in the moments and realizing that at any given moment, life can change! In fact life will change! We can all hope it morphs into a life we “ desire” and plan out, but let’s be real… tomorrow isn’t even promised! So I decided I will start living life each day to its fullest, live life not stressing about the smallest things, and sitting back enjoying the “ beautiful chaos “ my kids make on a daily basis! Because, let’s face it, one day I know, I WILL yearn for the time my kids would create “ beautiful chaos “ in my home! Life should be filled with more time creating beautiful memories led by God!! Less time stressing over the little things!

So mommas, I challenge you to look at the mess our littles make, not as a chaotic disaster , but as “beautiful chaos” and in the mix of it all, find the beauty! Because one day, we WILL long for the messes again!

Shovan~ SBC

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