Chimichurri, is a delightful addition to almost anything! You can make a chunky Chimichurri or a creamy one, really it’s what you like! It’s best known to dress up a steak, but as I said, it’s great on a variety of meats, seafood, and even rice!

My husband treated me this past weekend and made us a yummy dinner, that consisted of a steak, dressed in Chimichurri and a tomatoes salad… YUM!!

Traditionally Chimichurri isn’t made with kale, but hubs changed it up! To make this Chimichurri, you really just need easy ingredients!


• small bushel of cilantro

• small bushel of kale

• small bushel of parsley

• small bushel of basil

• small bushel of mint

• 1 jalapeño

• 1 rib of celery

• 1 lemon

• 1 small onion

• salt

• pepper

• garlic powder

• olive oil

• mixing bowl

• zester Or grater



As with all my recipes, I don’t measure, my husband has learned to be able to cook certain meals, just by “ eye balling”. So I will try to give you estimates of the amount of ingredients you’ll need! Remember it’s always easier to add, than to remove!!


• You’ll  want to remove all your herbs and Kale from their stems. Rough chop them all

• Chop your onions finely

• Chop your celery finely

• Zest your whole lemon

• Finely Chop your jalapeño

• Squeeze your whole lemon

• Add all your ingredients to a mixing bowl

• Add 1/4 cup of olive oil

• Add about half teaspoon of salt ( if you need more or less adjust to your liking)

• Add about 1 teaspoon of garlic powder ( if you need more or less adjust to your liking)

• Add about half teaspoon of pepper ( if you need more or less adjust to your liking)

• Mix it all together, and enjoy on top of a steak, or anything for that matter!

Shovan, for SBC





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