My Halloween Decor 


For Years I wasn’t into Halloween decor much, however having children has changed that! I guess you can say it changed things for the better,  if you ask my kids! My kids live for having a haunted looking house during this time of the year! I however tend to stick to more fall decor and leave all the ghoulish decor of Halloween out of my house. However like I said, through the years my children’s outlook on it has changed my overall outlook on it. I like for them to come home have fun,  be giddy, laugh,  pretend that they’re in a haunted house here at home, all the while keeping the beautiful allure  of my fall decor.  So I find myself often compromising during this time of year, I like to pick out decorations that will suit both my children’s fascination with the ghoulish decor of Halloween; along with having my decorations or as my kids put it my, “magazine style decorations”.  My overall go to when I am purchasing decorations for this time of year, or who are we kidding for every season of the year…my absolute go to is -Michael’s store. They have a vast variety of different decorations that can suit both those that are extremely into Halloween decorations and those that much rather stick to just the beautiful allure of fall decorations. So here’s some examples of the way I keep it meshed perfectly, well at least in my mind it’s perfectly meshed! Like I always tell everybody, when you’re decorating it’s all about having fun letting your personality come through and just enjoying it and sitting back and looking at the beautiful creation that you created, whether it’s Halloween time Christmas time Easter time or anytime of the year, just have fun with it and go with it. And when in doubt if you don’t think something pairs well together, take to the blogs, social media for ideas! Here are some examples- I have a spell magic book with a cute black pumpkin and a crow put together side-by-side my candelabras, all of it meshing pretty well together and still looking chic, elegant and it has the ghoulish effect of Halloween.  Or take this cute pumpkin sign, “If you’ve got it haunt it”!  I mean is that not the cutest sign of ever seen for Halloween?! Pair together side-by-side one of my baskets and some foliage and a black bird; along with my mummified fox!  I mean come on isn’t he the cutest! So when decorating, if you have a family like mine,  where some like it decorated with everything Halloween and you’re kind of like a girl like me,,where you much rather have the neutrals a fall come through, play around with things and pair the unlikeliest of items to find a perfect vignette! I’m sure it will turn out fine!


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Happy Decorating!

Shovan 🖤

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