So, the story these two allow me to tell, I’m telling you they’re like my own mini soap opera! My family can definitely be on a reality show, and I know we’d be a big hit! Not joking! The kids alone would make the show, these two along with their older sister! We’ve often joked about turning on a go pro while we drive to capture our car shenanigans and posting it up… ha ha!

Anyhow, on to the latest of the many things these two have said and done.

So lately Blake has had this thing about walking around the house without a shirt. At least it’s just his shirt he lacks, sometimes he annoys his sisters and chases them around…ahem  sans undies ( that’s a whole diff post) , the girls run. RUN, from him like he’s a plague! He of course finds it funny! Let’s just say this boy is quite comfy with himself. So yeah, umm once the shirt comes off , he grabs a pen and proceeds to draw ” fake chest hairs” … I’ll give you a moment to stop laughing! … Yes you read correctly, he draws these funky squiggly wannabe chest hairs. Puffs his chest up as if he’s this hot stud walking around for his fellow girly fans. Only problem is, none of us are impressed with his art choice on his chest! 😆

Ryleigh told him today while at the dinner table – ” Blake what makes you thinks it’s okay for you and your 3 fake chest hairs to be exposed at the table?!”. Blake- ” Whatever, you’re just jealous plus I can be free to show my chest with hair!”. Meanwhile I almost spit out my water when he said that! I mean this kid is really convinced him and his “3 fake chest hairs”  as Ryleigh put it are super cool! Hubs , my oldest and I just continued eating and allowing these two to continue their very amusing convo. Ryleigh then said- ” You know what,  I’m a girl and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be a dork like you and walk around all proud over my drawn on fake chest  hair! Sheesh Blake, plus we all know I wouldn’t have to draw it on, I’d have real ones if I was a boy, because I would obviously be cooler than you! “.

At that moment, I lost it, like tears in my eyes from the amount of laughter coming out of me!!

Man the things these two say! I legit could have already had several book of quotes / convos these two say and have!

-Shovan for Shobella Chic By Shovan


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