So im back at it again, documenting the most memorable encounters these two little humans have with one another… BUT it’s SO hard to choose certain incidents to share,as every day life is worth sharing {in my opinion}. Well okay maybe not everyday, like some things are better left unsaid and definitely not shareable moments!  Like today, phew man oh man were these kids on another level of NUTS! Like who the heck are you guys kinda nuts! Anyhow back to my original intent!  Shovan, hello stop getting off track!!  I mean does that happen to just me?! No right? It’s completely normal to get lost in your own words and thoughts… as I’m doing again by rambling on asking questions! STICK. TO. THE. TOPIC!

So these two lovely littles share a bond that can make the toughest man melt! Yes it’s been proven and tested! 🙂 However, that bond can be broken real quick! I mean blink of an eye quick! They can become each other’s enemies! I’m talking- jab throwing, face slapping, hair pulling, scratch fest, licking {yeah I said licking, GROSS I know}, tongue out kickboxing kinda match! The kind I scrunch my nose and want to pretend I don’t even see it happening; but I finally come to my senses real quick and go break it up, hoping I don’t get punched in the throat over being the peace maker! I mean they’re  6&7… sheesh… man but throw my older one in the mix and It’s like an all out MMA fest up in this house ! So yeah, don’t let them fool you!

They do however have the lack of ability to hold a grudge and will return to being each other’s greatest supporters and will go to battle for one another,  with the deepest of love! So this past week Blake was asked to say the joke of the day in school. He of course came to me with his head held high, collar popped, strutting like he’s hot stuff- basically feeling proud and sure of his ability to do this! I of course like any overly excited mom, was giving him high fives, and congratulating him, oh yeah and smothering him with proud momma kisses! He proceeded to tell me his joke -” Why did the kids eat their homework?!” Me- ” Hmm that’s a hard one, ummmm…umm.”Blake- ” Hello mommy, stop saying umm and get to answering it!!” Me- ” sheesh okay, let me think {all the while I’m secretly buying time and trying to think, how do I answer him without offending the newly found comedian of the family} oh okay I know why they ate it, because they were hungry! Duh!!” Blake – ” no { giggling hysterically } because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!!!”{ more giggles followed to assure the new comedians joke was a success}! Me- ” oh my goodness that’s hilarious bro!!” {  all the while laughing} , just not hysterical like my new comedian son. Yet I started too, because this boy was truly engulfing himself in laughter over this joke! I mean he had conviction as to his joke being funny!!  I was just beaming with joy,  he was so happy and looking forward to being on tv in front of his whole elementary! I mean after all he was going to be ” famous” okay well not Oscar award famous, but elementary school yard famous!!

He practiced all night, he rehersed on both his sisters, daddy, and mama and papa { my parents}. He was psyched for the day to come!  Well that morning comes, he suddenly has a belly ache, and looks nervous! I quickly caught on, it was stage fright jitters! I reassured him, ” you got this Blakey!!”. That morning my oldest { teen} wished him good luck! Then Ryleigh was offering him words of encouragement and pep taking him all the way to school! As we got down, I hear- ” Blakey, just trust in God,  he’s got you…you got this bro!” I legit wanted to ball right then and there in the school parking lot! But I held my composure! Until I turned and saw her take her ” little big bro” into her arms and tell him again, ” Blakey, you got this!”!


Ahh the bond between a sibling, may it go on as strong and never be undone!

– Shovan

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