So how many stay home moms ever heard- ” Oh my gosh stay home moms don’t do anything, I mean I’d get bored if I stood home all day. “Or…   “When do you plan on working?”  The notion that comes with a ” stay home mom/ wife” is absolutely appalling.

First of all, some people need filters! I mean am I right or am I right?! If anything a stay home mom/wife is a bad ass chick( pardon the strong wording)! But we play the role of many! I mean can we get an Oscar for the many roles we knock out daily?! Umm… we don’t get sick days, we can’t call in and say, ” hey sorry I’m not going to be mommin/ wifein today!” Instead we keep it moving headaches, cramps, stuffy nose, runny nose, back ache, mood swings , hormonal shifts, lack of sleep and all… oh and let’s not forget the kinked neck from having your littles think it’s okay to cram their never ending traveling sleepy bodies in your bed!

I speak for myself when I say I take my job as a stay home mom/wife seriously. This is a role I chose to do, I chose to stay home raise my babies and take care of my home. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud those mommas that work that 9-5( I once did). It’s just not for everyone, just like it isnt to be a ” SHM/W”. I feel that although my number one priority is to my 3 children and my husband I can’t allow my talents and passion to fizzle out. That’s where my mommin/ wifein entrepunership comes in. I knew I didn’t just want to ” stay home” and not work on me. I have talent, I have drive, I have dreams. So why not mesh those two!

One things for sure, I never began my own business in hopes to be wealthy. It’s my creative outlet, it’s my passion, it’s my talent… it’s what God gave me and I’m not going to let it go to waste! Having my own small business allows me to get lost in my creations which in turn bring in a source of income, nothing in comparison to my hubs income. Actually it’s crumbs compared to his income 🙂 ; nonetheless it allows for a stay home momma like me, to feel accomplished! I see that as success in my eyes. I feel success should be measured by ones own perspective and you should set personal goals and jump over those hurdles and pat yourself on the back each time you achieve your own ” measure of success”!

At times it’s scary, it seems impossible to do it all. You may want to prove yourself to others, but in reality the only one worth proving anything to is truly yourself. You may have people who ask, “So what do you do?” After they’ve given you their resume and formal education background as if they’re interviewing for a job; all the while staring  at you as if you had 3 eyes, when in reality they  are fixated on that piece of parsley on your tooth from your 2 minute lunch you scarfed down because you were running late for car rider pick up; due to packaging up orders that will be picked up by your local post man 4 minutes before you’re set to leave to pick the kids up; thinking,- ” oh ah huh yeah , you’re really succeful ” with your artsy Michaels lovin entrepuner self. But NEVER get discouraged! Never feel underachieved!

To all who hold the stay home mom/wife/ entrepreneur title,  I say KEEP ROCKIN! Keep doing you!! Our jobs are just as important as those who leave their home to attend the work force! Mommin/ Wifein and Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it is achievable!

Side note, I rocked the heck out of mommin/ wifein/ entrepreneurship today! Created this ” FISHIN” sign for my hub’s home office. Yes I know it’s missing a ” G” but I wanted to grasp the way my hubs refers to it, and that’s said without the G”.




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