The things these two say are hilarious, sweet, mean, outrageous, list goes on and on … too much not to share. So I decided to start blogging on my family life on top of decor/food. So this is the “Chronicles of my peppermint twins- Ch.1 ” Before I continue on with today’s saga,  no they aren’t twins, yes they appear as such; they are actually 18months apart which in our book classifies these two as ” our twins”. Everywhere we go, people always tell us, ” Your twins are so cute!” Or ask us, ” Are they twins?” So much so, Ryleigh ( the one on the left with that adorable ” I do nothing wrong ever smile”) but truthfully she’s a bottle of truth serum just waiting to tell you how it is… yeah her, she’s  the one that just now days says – ” yes we are twins!” She said, ” it’s too much to hear you explain how we aren’t twins mommy, instead just say yes!”  Anywho, one day I referred to them as my peppermint twins, ( don’t know why) and it has since stuck.

Well the convos that come out of these two little’s mouths is something worth documenting and sometimes worth throwing a blanket over my head, nope nix that, definitely throwing the blanket over my entire body to hide my embarrassment and annoyance that can sometimes come out of these tiny lips! However their words bring joy and tears at times as well!!  See they look all innocent like, don’t they?! Like you all want to watch them for a day dontcha?! Well trust me you’ll give them right back after Ryleigh has been brutally honest about your outfit,  hair and well just every day honesty that is Ryleigh. All the while Blake will non stop ask you questions ,but not about different things, they’ll mainly consist of minecraft, Xbox and apps, with the occasional what’s there to eat. He’s talented this kid, because he can do all this while running half marathons through your entire house,  making sure to knock over at least 5 things and throwing all 59 throw pillows ( soon to be 61) you have on your perfectly fluffed sofa all over the floor as hurdles and ” fake lava”! Oh let’s not forget they both will tourment their older teen sis as she steadily yells at them, while clutching her iPhone, ” ugh your so annoying!”

So this morning Ryleigh asked in her raspy voice with her jersey accent( no we aren’t from Jersey, don’t know how this child developed that accent, but sure does make her brutalness sound even more harsh) , ” Mommy do you like waking up early to get your children ready for school?” I had to pause and choose my words wisely with this one, as she stood there with her big brown beautiful eyes gazing at me… ” mommy did you hear me?!” Me- “Yes Ry baby I heard you, and yes of course I do! You guys are my priority over anything else, it’s my JOB!” Ryleigh then casually said, ” well you know I’m not sure I want to apply for that job when I’m older because I like to sleep!” Blake then put in his 50 cents , yes forget 2 cents, he throws in more than just a tiny outlook on things. He said, ” Ryleigh don’t worry, apply for that job mommy can always come to your house and get your kids ready! I’m going to hire her to do my job when I’m older so I can play Xbox and not have to get my kids ready!” I looked at this kid as If he was joking, but nope, nada he was serious, as serious as a 6 year old could be!

I just had to be as casual as these two littles were and say, ” oh so you think I’m going to do this for your kids too huh?! Okay we shall see!”. Then Ryleigh says,” No we won’t see, because I already know you will!”

So on that note I leave you, until next Peppermint Twin Chronicles-




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