Who doesn’t love Spaghetti?! I know my half blood Italian bunch here at home, love it! The sauces to put ontop of ” Spaghetti” are endless! This particular one,  is delightfully  rich in flavors and perfect for a ” carb load treat day”! 😉 Give it a go!



• 2lbs Spaghetti ( adjust per your own desire)

• 1lb of Pancetta ( adjust per your own desire, you can also use bacon)

• 2 cans of 28oz crushed tomatoe sauce ( I use Muir Glen Organic, but you can choose brand and adjust per your own desire)

•5 Roma Tomatoes

• Bunch of Fresh Basil ( about 16 good size leaves)

• Fresh Oregano ( about 2 Tbsp)

• Fresh Rosemary ( about 1 Tbsp)

•Salt (2 Tbsp For boiling water and 2 tsp for sauce, adjust per your own desire)

• Fresh Cracked Pepper

• Chile Flakes ( for garnish)

• Granulated Garlic ( 1 Tbsp, adjust per your own desire)

• 1 cup of any Red Wine

• Grated Parmesan Cheese ( 1/2 cup for the sauce while cooking it)

• Pecorino Romano Cheese ( for garnish)

• 1 egg per person ( adjust per your own desire or opt out)

• Olive oil



• Dice up Pancetta into desired size

• Dice up Basil/ Rosemary, and Oregano ( set aside half of the Basil for garnish

• Dice up Tomatoes

• Heat  a large skillet on meduim high heat, toss in Pancetta, crisp it up

• Toss Herbs in with the Pancetta, lower heat  to low, add Garlic, Tomatoe Sauce, Salt, Wine, Parmesan Cheese, and Tomatoes

• Let it simmer for about half hour

• Bring a large pot to boil and  add in salt, once it comes to a boil add pasta in for 10 mins and drain

• Heat a meduim skillet on medium low heat, add a splash of Olive oil, crack one egg, sprinkle Fresh Cracked Pepper and cook as a Sunny Side Up

• Grab a Pasta Bowl, place Pasta in bowl, add Sauce, place Egg on top, sprinkle with Pecorino Romano, Chile Flakes, and Basil- Enjoy!

Shovan for SBC



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