If you love butter like my children do, then you are in for a treat!! Nothing better than homemade butter! You can even flavor it as you wish; possibilities are endless! Also this recipe only calls for a few, key ingredients… Who doesn’t like something tasty and super easy to make?! Umm yes please!! I whipped up this Soft Spread Honey Butter with my 6 year old today ( she was eating it before I could even take pictures) that’s how amazing home made butter is! Give it a go!

Recipe Makes roughly 3oz


  •  Half pint heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Container with a lid to mix
  • Container or jar to pour butter milk in
  • Jar or container to store butter


  • Pour your heavy whipping cream in your container of choice with a lid, make sure not to fill it all the way and leave ” air space”.
  • Once you poor it, put the lid on securely and start shaking, shake vigorously ” use your muscles”! You’ll notice it start to turn  quiet and you won’t hear the liquid swooshing around anymore. At this point you have created ” whipped cream” or whipped creamy butter, it taste pretty amazing at this stage and you can stop here if you’d like and add in the 2 ingredients. However to get it to ” butter consistency” there’s a few more steps.
  • Once you notice it turn quiet and you don’t hear the liquid swooshing, poor in your honey and salt ( or any other ingredients)
  • Put the lid back on and… Yes you guessed it continue to shake away! image
  • You will now start to hear it sound liquidy again and this is the process of the ” butter milk”‘separating from the ” butter”. At this point open the lid, you’ll notice a cottage cheese appearance to the butter and liquid inside the container.
  • Poor the buttermilk ( liquid) in another jar, not the one you’ll store your butter in. You can toss it or use for another recipe.
  • Mix the butter a bit until it looks smooth.
  • Place it in a jar or container with a lid.image


Shovan for SBC

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